Performance Testing Tools

Which Performance Testing Tool is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a high-quality performance testing tool that’s flexible to meet any challenge, and lets you be more efficient you should try WebLOAD.

  • Create load scenarios. Record your browser activity and enhance using JavaScript and automatic correlation.
  • Generate load. Run thousands of concurrent users (on premises or from the cloud)
    and let WebLOAD gradually increase the stress till your response time goal is met.
  • Detect performance issues. Analyze results and drill down to detect server-side
    bottlenecks with over 80 configurable reports and built-in integration with APM tools.

Build tests efficiently

WebLOAD automatically records your actions, translating them to a test scenario in JavaScript. You can then make any enhancements using load testing objects and methods that offer HTTP functionality, load methods, DOM functionality, automatic correlation and more.

website load testing


Generate load and analyze performance

Stress your system with thousands of concurrent virtual users, using on premise machines or Amazon Web Services. Define specific performance goals for your website, such as a 2 seconds response time for a transaction. WebLOAD runs the scenario around your goal, gradually increasing the user load till your goal is met.

Use more than 80 configurable reports to analyze, drill down and fully understand how your web server, databases and other components behave under load. Evaluate response times, understand data throughput and identify network vs. server-side issues. WebLOAD provides built-in integration with APM tools so you can drill down to track the root cause of performance problems.

Load test web dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which technologies and protocols does WebLOAD support?

    WebLOAD support a wide range of web, mobile, and enterprise protocols and technologies. For example,  HTTP/HTTPS, WebSocket, PUSH, AJAX, SOAP, HTML5, WebDAV and many others. For the full list see the Supported Technologies page.

  • Do I get support during the trial period?

    Definitely, Once you download WebLOAD, you’ll receive a detailed email with instructions and links to help you get started. In addition, we provide full customer support for any questions you may have during the evaluation. From your initial interaction you’ll h receive level-3 support for your issues.

  • How do I activate and start my WebLOAD evaluation?

    Once you download and complete the install, simply start WebLOAD and select the “Evaluate WebLOAD” option in the dialog displayed. That’s it. (Note: if you installed WebLOAD in the past, you’ll have to contact us for a license key.). You’ll receive an automatic email with links to a Getting Started and other documentation to help you with your evaluation.

  • Does the evaluation copy include all features?

    Yes. The evaluation copy includes 5 virtual users with access to all of WebLOAD featuresm except for Oracle Forms, Flex/AMF and streaming/multimedia features.

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