Oracle Forms Load Testing

Load testing Oracle Forms and identifying bottlenecks can be tricky.  WebLOAD lets you easily record your actions and execute a load scenario, while it collects statistics from the Oracle Forms server and correlates them with client-side response time – allowing you to evaluate performance and identify bottlenecks.

Creating Oracle Forms load tests

WebLOAD integrates with AuraPlayer, which automates Oracle Forms functional testing. By recording a script using AuraPlayer, all traffic and input/output parameters are automatically recorded. The recorded script is imported into WebLOAD’s IDE as a Java object and can be enhanced with transactions, validations, etc.

Oracle forms load testing

Evaluating Oracle Forms server performance

You may run multiple concurrent Oracle Forms sessions using minimal memory resources.

While executing load test scenarios, WebLOAD extracts data from the Oracle Forms server, correlating statistics with the response time. Using the Web dashboard and over 80 pre-built reports, you can analyze performance and drill down to identify performance issues.

WebLOAD and AuraTester Integration

AuraTester is AuraPlayer’s testing solution designed to automate QA using minimal memory resources. Using AuraTester you can input/output data to automatically record and replay Oracle Forms business scenarios for functional testing.  AuraTester analyzes the traffic and extracts valuable input/output parameters. The solution’s open and flexible architecture allows it to plug into WebLOAD console without additional Form development or changes to the environment.