Continuous Integration (CI)
Performance Testing

WebLOAD lets you automate performance testing and smoothly incorporate it into your Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI) processes for faster and more efficient software deployment.

Developers, QA groups and DevOps personnel can collaborate and:

  • Orchestrate automatic tests against every build in the pipeline
  • Share performance test results via a web dashboard
  • Manage test data in a shared repository together with software versions

Orchestrating automatic performance testing

WebLOAD’s Jenkins integration enables running any performance test scenario via a regular step in Jenkins.

Unlike functional testing, performance testing success/failure is not always clear cut. With WebLOAD, you can define success/failures criteria based on many factors such as failure of the entire session, errors and warning, validations, performance measurements, etc. This provides the flexibility to adjust and determine how changes in performance will affect the next step in your continuous delivery pipeline.

Automated mails provide a daily summary of build performance status, comparing results to the previous automated builds and to a predefined baseline.

Performance analysis collaboration

Using the WebLAOD Dashboard, test results such as response/transaction time, throughput and errors can be shared and communicated between QA groups, developers and DevOps personnel, eliminating misunderstandings and speeding up processes.

Tracking the root-cause of problems is made easy with WebLOAD’s built-in integration with APM tools such as AppDynamics, New Relic and Dynatrace. This reduces root-cause identification time by 75% and more, allowing drilling down all the way down to the method level.

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Shared test configurations

Store and manage WebLOAD scripts in Git, the open source version control library.

This lets you store and commit test configurations together with code commits, ensuring that test configuration references all tests associated with a specific software build.