Selenium Website Performance Testing

WebLOAD’s integration with Selenium, the open source testing tool for web browser applications, lets you integrate real web browsers that perform real activity into your performance test scenarios and accurately identify issues.

Using the integration, you can stress your system using WebLOAD’s virtual users to generate the load, and simultaneously run Selenium web browsers that measure actual client behaviour. WebLOAD collects all test metrics from both the Selenium WebDriver and the backend servers, to provide you with a complete test analysis report.

Enhancing a Selenium script with performance data

You can record a script in Selenium and using WebLOAD’s Selenium plugin export the script to be used in WebLOAD.  Alternatively, you can also code a Selenium script directly in the WebLOAD IDE.

WebLOAD provides built-in commands to add accurate performance measurements into the functional operations of the Selenium script. You can measure end-to-end timing of web activities as well as measure timing-related statistics for all pages navigated or for a specific web page.

Selenium performance testing script



Running and analyzing Selenium scripts

WebLOAD activates the Selenium WebDriver directly and collects measurements from both the browser and the servers.

You can view detailed graphs that correlate the load generated on the website with navigation timing data related to all web pages, or to a specific page.

Selenium performance testing results