JavaScript is the smart way to automate user scenarios

WebLOAD uses JavaScript to express its load test scenarios. JavaScript, as the web standard scripting language is the natural way to express dynamic flows and scenarios.

WebLOAD’s advantages, using JavaScript as its load test scenarios scripting language

Utilize the full power of JavaScript, without limitations of predefined concepts.

  • JavaScript is simple – A plain code is the natural way to express a flow
  • JavaScript is the industry standard for web development – No need to learn proprietary concepts.
  • JavaScript is flexible – Supports any flow, while UI based script is limited
  • JavaScript is powerful – It gives the script the full power of a programming language (conditionals, loops, functions, regex, etc.)
  • JavaScript is reusable –Reuse any JavaScript code in the script. Build JavaScript libraries to be used in all test.

Smart Scripting – Smart, Simple and Powerful

When creating JavaScript code for complex scenarios, Use WebLOAD’s Recorder smart tools to generate it for you.

  • Auto generated scripts via Drag & drop – coding skills are not necessary
  • Record what matters, lean and robust scripts with 80% less maintenance work needed
  • Intelligent tools to generate code for any scenarios – Correlation, Parameterization, Response Validation.
  • Boost any script with the full power of JavaScript

Standard way for supporting all protocols and tools

WebLOAD executes standard JavaScript. It provides objects and methods to represent protocols and deal with Transactions, Timers and Counters and many more.

WebLOAD allows you to test the server with any protocol, whether it is Http, Selenium, Single Page Application, html5, REST, Asynch, etc.

For deeper data analysis, the automatic JavaScript DOM, JSON and XML parsers and utilities makes it easy to go over the them, look for specific values and perform any manipulation or validation. For example, the following code crawls a specific page to verify that all links are valid.


Using the power of JavaScript, instantiate any Java  object and use its methods during load testing.

JavaScript debugging

WebLOAD’s JavaScript debugger ensures your code is written properly and can run smoothly during load testing.

JavaScript debugging

Custom logic JavaScript load testing example

A web site has custom logic to create a random identifier for the user based on the user name and timestamp. The actual function that performs this on the site is used in the following WebLOAD script.

JavaScript load testing example