Cloud Performance Testing Tools

Use WebLOAD to run performance testing from the cloud by generating load from Amazon EC2 within minutes. With zero installation or setup you can generate load from multiple locations in the world, distribute load between cloud and on premise machines, and pay (Amazon, not us) based on your usage.

Cloud load generator for performance testing

WebLOAD provides a pre-configured public Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which lets you quickly generate virtual user load with minimal setup using your own Amazon account. You can significantly increase your load without having to purchase additional hardware for on-premise machines. Your cloud load testing costs are only based on actual performance test usage, with WebLOAD automatically turning off cloud test machines upon completion of test sessions.

Cloud load testing

Combine on premise and cloud virtual user load

Distribute load between on premise machines and geographically distributed Amazon cloud machines – to create a real-life scenario that matches your needs or simply to lower your costs.