Change Log

Release 12.0.0

Build 039

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Correlation – try to treat every field as JSON for correlation. (disabled by default. Activate using jsonFieldCorrelation=true in CorrelationSettings.js)
  • Cloud execution – allow defining schedules with no ramp-down
  • Fix issue with certain URL decoding not displayed correctly

Build 034

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • First build for 12.0
  • New looks and feel
  • WebLOAD Cloud – send notification on test status; advanced test scheduling
  • Load Generators support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others
  • Raw Data support
  • Many more usability improvements and bug fixes

Release 11.2.0

Build 082

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Enhance detection of client-side cookies
  • Enable Show Error Details during runtime
  • Fix issue with ramp-up model in WebLOAD Cloud
  • UI fixes

Build 078

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Amazon Clound – allow specifying IamInstanceProfileSpecification:
    <instance iamArn=”” iamName=””/>
  • WebLOAD Cloud (Dashboard) – new notifications feature

Build 070

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Command line installation – allow installing Dashboard as Service with flag /DASHBOARDSERVICE
  • WebSocket – fix issue with non-SSL connection being treated at SSL
  • Performance improvements to PMM
  • Fix issue with concurrent access to many cookies
  • Bearer Authentication after Basic Authentication – don’t sent the Basic header
  • Custom Authentication – When getting ‘401 Unauthorized’ response without the required authentication header, show a warning (instead of error) and allow accessing the response

Build 063

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • WebRM Installer – allow running in silent mode: WebRM-xxx.exe /SILENT /LICENSE=”my.lic”
  • Raw data export improvements
  • Add back sign-in option in WebLOAD cloud when set-up to use anonymous access

Build 058

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • First WebLOAD 11.2.0 build
  • Major improvements to WebLOAD Cloud (formerly Dashboard):
    • Support load generator locations – automatic distribution across a group of load generators
    • Agenda test – support mix of agendas
    • URL test – support custom headers, support POST with data
    • new home page with latest activity summary
  • git support
  • Automatically monitor performance of the Console (localhost) machine
  • Correlation enhancement – automatically select most promising rules found
  • Performance Measurements Monitor – support custom metrics in SSH PMM
  • IDE usability change request – find and replace dialogs not modal anymore
  • Parameterization – “use once and stop” now stops the session when reaching 0 users.
  • WebRM license now supports Dashboard
  • Close all WebSockets on script error
  • Ability to add handlers to be run at script abort – addOnScriptAbortHandler(id, func)
  • VPN – webload.ini flag: TESTTALK_DETECT_VPN=”1″ if flag is turned on, testtalk will try to detect and prefer the VPN address over the local address

Release 11.1.0

Build 041

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Fix issue with recording PUT requests

Build 039

  • Major improvements to the WebLOAD Dashboard
    • Ability to define load-tests directly in the dashboard – either by agenda or URL.
    • Feedback and automatic refresh while starting a session
    • When scheduling a test, control which time-zone the schedule is based on
  • Automation improvements – execute a load test from CLI to a URL or agenda based on schedule defined in JSON
  • Compare All – one click that compares all the nodes between recording and playback
  • Selenium improvements – support adding transactions and measurement gathering in Java WebDriver based code
  • Automatically handle cookies in web-socket
  • Added cloud regions (eu-central-1, ap-southeast-2, ap-northeast-1, sa-east-1)
  • Correlation engine – support correlating a cookie name, not just value.
  • Analytics – Support parameters in command-line, for example: -param TIME_FILTER_FROM_BEGINNING=180
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Release 11.0.0

Build 080

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Important: fix issue with WebLOAD Console scheduler caused by latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Build 079

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Dashboard – show real name for currently running session instead of temporary one
  • Fix issue with Oracle JDBC Monitor with very long connection strings
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 063

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Fix issue with SunOS SSH Monitor
  • Cloud machine identification more consistent
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 061

First 11.0.0 build

  • WebLOAD Dashboard now supports executing load-tests and managing resources
  • Selenium integration improvements, run headless browser
  • IoT Protocols – MQTT and AMQP are now supported
  • Parameterization Automatic Replacement. When parameterizing a script, WebLOAD can automatically replace the values sent based on the form-field name.
  • Creating script from HAR File
  • Generate host list – externalize the host list for easy replacement when changing environments
  • Recording – “Don’t detect authentication” checkbox was added in the recording options (“Proxy options” tab), to enable delegating the authentication process to the browser.
  • WebSocket – closeAllWebSockets(perfix) function was added to close all the open websocket objects that start with the prefix.
  • Allow specifying max capacity for websocket queues, to control memory consumption: ws.setEventQueueCapacity(queue_size), ws.setEventQueueTimeout(millis), ws.setMaxMessageSize(message_size)
  • Allow specifying proxy for websocket, for example, ws.setProxy(“myproxy:8080”). In addition, websockets will honor the global proxy defined in wlGlobals.Proxy
  • Support setting global default that will be used for all new WebSocket objects:
    • WebSocket.prototype.globalReportErrorFunction = ErrorMessage;
    • WebSocket.prototype.globalOnmessage = function(){…}
    • WebSocket.prototype.globalEventQueueCapacity = 10;
    • WebSocket.prototype.globalEventQueueTimeout = 0;
    • WebSocket.prototype.globalMaxMessageSize = 2000;
  • dynamicReplaceField (fieldName, newValue) – replace a form-field value with the given new value.
  • dynamicReplaceUrl(fromStr, toStr). Replace a value inside the request URL.
  • A generic way was added to support handlers before and after http requests: addBeforeRequestHandler(id,func), addAfterRequestHandler(id,func)
  • automaticViewStateApply() – Dynamically correlating chunked ViewState
  • Browser JavaScript Compatibility – add support for console.log() and navigator.appName

Release 10.6.0

Build 024

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • New documentation
  • Fix recording issues

Build 021

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • don’t generate authorization header wlTemporary if it’s not needed
  • SSL + proxy + use SNI configuration: set the host of the server in the SNI
  • Automation with cloud machines – automatically terminate machines and suppress messages

Build 018

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Cloud load generator intermittently won’t start due to external invalid requests sent to port 9000
  • Dashboard – currently running sessions did not refresh by default
  • SLA – add more operators for rules

Build 015

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Fix issue in linux and cloud load generators that can cause CPU spike
  • Analytics summary report may not import required statistics when first opened

Build 009

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • First 10.6.0 Build
  • WebServices – create SOAP requests from WSDL
  • Service Level Management – report on metrics out of defined SLA
  • WebLOAD Dashboard – support users and authentication, enhanced reports and capabilities
  • Analytics – new session summary report
  • Parse JSON objects in recording
  • Transaction Net time – control from console options – Sleep Time Control
  • Correlation engine improvements – Handle Bearer Authentication automatically
  • Warn about overloaded load generators
  • Cloud load generators are now pre-installed with Network Emulation
  • IDE Edit – Use F3 to ‘Find next’ after search
  • Update license has command-line options – wlUpdateLicenseApplicationCmd.exe -h

Release 10.5.0

Build 181

Download Windows, Linux, WebRM

  • Important: Fix Chrome HTTPS recording issue. Chrome 58 includes a breaking change that causes recording of SSL sites not to work, this is fixed
  • Fixed issue with launching tests from Jenkins using a local service user
  • Amazon cloud connection – add support for proxy connection
  • Recording – DELETE query string was not captured
  • PMM – Fix issue with Oracle database using JDBC
  • Fix reduntant message – “Transaction .. not completed. Thread terminated by external request.”
  • Fix recording issue with OPTIONS method
  • Fix for recording uploading very large XML files
  • Fix for testalkservice installation as user
  • Recording – listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Various recording fixes

Build 169

  • Various bug-fixes related to recording

Build 158

  • Fixes related to Network Emulation

Build 147

Release 10.3.1

Build 040

  • Sign using both SHA-1 and SHA-256 to conform to new Microsoft guidelines.
  • Fix issue with template with many load-generators (fb#165)

Build 037

  • First 10.3.1 build. See WebLOAD 10.3.1 blog post on what’s new for details.

Release 10.3.0

Build 154

  • First 10.3 build. See WebLOAD 10.3 what’s new for details.

Release 10.2.1

Build 018

  • Dashboard – support viewing currently running sessions. This is not enabled by default. The enable, change settings in the Console Global Options, Database tab.
  • Fix issue with recording through proxy, since 10.2.0
  • Fix issue with recording data as file (issue #6016)
  • Fix out of memory issue when starting a session with very long strings (issue #6017)
  • WebSocket – add addHeader() method to the socket to send custom headers
  • dynaTrace integration
  • SSL Configuration, add ability to disable/enable SNI – Add wlGlobals/wlHttp flag – SSLUseSNI
  • SSL connection – detect SSL Version issues and offer to change the settings
  • Amazon cloud – add support for security-group and subnet-id, for VPC
  • Fix issue with very big cookies (issue #5925)
  • Correlation removes Java Serialization code (issue #5913)
  • Support bigger databases, larger than 4GB.
  • Java Serialization – handle application/x-java-serialized-object
  • Add property wlHttp.PreemptiveBasicAuthorization=true to send basic authentication without waiting for server challenge.
  • WebSocket recording improvements.
  • Correlation – replace with expression not working correctly in URL
  • Linux – support RHEL 5 and up, not just 6 and up.

Release 10.2.0

Build 097

Release 10.1.0

Build 146

  • Fix SSL Recording issue in build 133
  • Add ability to force “Basic” authentication if it’s possible, by setting wlHttp.AuthType = “Basic”
  • Cache DNS Lookup results (bug #5662)
  • Increase default Select Timeout
  • Client side cookie not always set when inside redirection (bug #5646)

Build 133 (Please upgrade to a more recent build)

  • New – Support SNI (Server Name Indication) in SSL/TLS
  • E-mail notifications enhancements and fixes (Support NTLM Authentication)
  • ‘Mix Per Virtual Client’ mix model support. MixScriptSelection=2 in loadengine.ini
  • Parameterization – stability and performance improvements

Build 124

  • Fix installation issue when Office 64-bit is installed (13420)
  • Fix issue with AMF recording (bug #5561)
  • HTTP Headers may not be processed when content-size is 0 (bug #5544)
  • After DELETE, POST might be recorded as DELETE (bug #5547)

Build 112

  • New help files for 10.1
  • Error running when spawning factor is disabled (bug #5533)
  • Problem when minimizing the Ribbon toolbar (Bug #5528)
  • Better handling when an agenda in missing in mix (bug #5522)
  • Quick access toolbar – adding item in “more commands” – is not saved after closing (Bug #5500)
  • mix – missing agenda – “view” does not give an error (bug#5523)
  • Limit run by rounds should not appear when it is disabled (bug #5520)
  • running from command line – wrong error when vc is 0 (bug #5508)
  • Prevent condition that may cause Receive Time to be wrong
  • The Console can get stuck when stopping (bug #5514)
  • Display – “No HTML Content” – should be in the same line (bug #5430)
  • Error view – “500 Internal server error ” not displayed correctly (bug #5516)
  • Client number is missing from error message in log window after saving session (bug #5517)
  • Record options – make Chrome the default browser (bug #5513)
  • Remove unnecessary error log about file case insensitive. (bug #5203)
  • Improve recovery from Session Auto Save – Session is damaged with status code 101 (bug #5501)
  • Handle over allocation of probing client licenses (/pc) (bug #5497)
  • Detailed statistics for debugging, set in webload.ini DETAILED_STATISTICS_LEVEL=0 to 5
  • Windows Performance monitoring – Connecting to another machine might fail although the credentials are correct (bug #5489)
  • Prevent ‘unterminated literal strings’ in some recordings (bug #5457)
  • Add WLMDBExporter.exe to the build
  • Don’t replace system files that already exist in the right version (may cause installation issues in some cases)
  • Set inPrivate mode to IE recording to get cleaner recordings
  • Correlation persistence may fail with very large requests. (bug #5483)

Build 92

  • TestTalk as service – can’t start recording a second time.(bug #5448)
  • Automatically run testtalk after install, to get the right firewall exceptions set-up.
  • When the server under test is not responding, stopping the test may time-out (bug #5402)
  • Allow console command line arguments in any order (bug #5466)
  • Can’t save session after “add session” to statistics (bug #5476)
  • Handle database recovery after exceeding the 4GB size limit. (used to be 2 GB)
  • Changes in script are not saved in a certain scenario (bug #5449)
  • Remove maximize browser emulation and load generation capacity from IDE
  • Fix (rare) installation issues on Windows 7 and Server 2008/2012
  • UI change – “Limit run for” to “Limit run to”
  • Unable to record using Firefox and IE after recording error in Chrome (bug #5101)
  • fix for start recording url – point to the new web-site.
  • Error messages stopped appearing after infoMessage limitation (bug #5443)
  • check if the allocated post data object is not null

Build 82

  • Importing a big (~4GB) DAT file fails (bug #5199)
  • Unable to execute load sessions using Jenkins when running Service as Local System (bug #5416)
  • Resize the conflict resolution form problem (bug #5422)

Build 77