WebLOAD – The Best Replacement For Microsoft’s Visual Studio Load Testing Capabilities

Published by RadView on January 13, 2019

The world of Load testing is dynamic and changing all the time. New companies enter the world of testing, and others fade out.

Microsoft recently published that Visual Studio 2019 will be the last version of Visual Studio with load testing features. Microsoft recommend customers use alternative load testing tools.

Edwin Hernandez, a Test Consultant at Microsoft, posted in August 2018 on Microsoft’s official blog, “What are the best Performance Testing Tools?” and included WebLOAD as one of the 5 best performance testing tools available today.

Radview’s WebLOAD, one of the world’s most advanced Load Testing platforms, supports running Load Generators in the cloud for vendors such as Azure , Google Cloud and others (including private clouds)

VSTS replacement

WebLOAD provides a single unified command and control interface where you can create, execute, schedule, and analyze tests – all directly from your web browser, and is offered as Cloud or Desktop edition.

With the fade out of load testing tools as VSTS and LoadRunner, choose WebLOAD as your replacement Load testing tool and assure the quality of your tests, covered with the best support available in the industry.



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