Deciding on a website load testing tool means selecting between many choices. So why WebLOAD?



With WebLOAD you get more for less. The rich set of capabilities at a fraction of the cost of the leading load testing tool –  including a simple and transparent licensing model and an all inclusive set of features.
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Conducting performance testing takes lots of efforts. WebLOAD makes it easier. You can efficiently build tests using recording, automatic correlation and drag and drop building blocks. Analyzing load test results is also made easier with over 80 pre-built reports and a web dashboard that let you drill down as deep as needed to pinpoint performance issues.
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“We were able to easily use WebLOAD to detect bottlenecks in our ecommerce application.”
Sandeep Pokala, Performance Engineer, Liquidity Services

“It is easy to learn and set up load sessions.  Reports are easy to configure and represent data in a nice visual way.”
Liza Tikhova, Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst at The University of British Columbia


WebLOAD covers all your bases. Build load scenarios with any required integration and take advantage of the rich support for an endless number of web protocols and technologies (including the more obscure ones), enterprise systems and application/web servers. Invoke java classes using the inherent javascript scripting language, run mobile testing using a real mobile device, generate load from the cloud, and use our tight integration with server monitoring tools.

“WebLOAD was the only solution that could handle load testing of SAP HANA.”
Andras Vermes, SAP Reporting Manager, eBay Inc


We consistently receive high marks from our customers for outstanding technical support. You’ll have to try us to find out, but we can tell you this – from your first interaction you’ll get developer-level responses. No long waits, nor passing through multi-level support teams.

“I have been and continue to be impressed with the level of expertise and responsiveness of the WebLOAD support staff.”
Steve Stonebraker, Director of IT, BSwift