WebLOAD vs LoadRunner

"WebLOAD is a great replacement of HP Loadrunner."

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Rajat Saluja, LiveCareer

Look Who's Made the Move

What do GoDaddy, Ebay and McAfee all have in common? They made the move from HP LoadRunner to WebLOAD.

More Virtual Users at Half the Cost

WebLOAD is the sweet spot of load testing. No hidden costs, no setup fees. Our standard offering includes twice the virtual users for typically half the price when compared to LoadRunner.

No one likes buying software only to find out that the best features are locked. WebLOAD has only one tier of users – VIP. You get all of our features from day one.

Enterprise-Scale Features Plus a Few Surprises

Like LoadRunner, WebLOAD is designed to handle large-scale performance testing. Many of our customers run hundreds of use cases on a daily basis with 3,000 – 10,000 concurrent users to load test on- premise, cloud and hybrid applications.

Customers who have switched from LoadRunner have found WebLOAD’s correlation engine to be much faster and efficient, saving hours of manual edits. And our Web Dashboard (which is supplied, by the way, at no extra cost) is used in so many ways for collaborative analysis, that it’d take too long to elaborate.

But since we do need to convince you of WebLOAD’s breadth and depth for you to download the free trial, here are its key components followed by a short LoadRunner comparison.

WebLOAD offers:

A comprehensive IDE with correlation, parameterization, response validation, native JavaScripting and Java that both let you enhance your scripts in the most detailed and creative ways, and of course debugging.

A Load Generation Console generates massive virtual user load – locally and on the cloud, on Windows or Linux, via AWS or other cloud providers.

Analytics dashboards with over 80 configurable report templates and a web dashboard for collaborative root cause analysis.

Integrations for using WebLOAD together with existing applications such as APM tools (Dynatrace, AppDynamics, NewRelic), open source software (Selenium, Jenkins, Git), mobile testing (Perfecto Mobile), functional testing tools (Ranorex, Original Software), and more.

WebLOAD vs. LoadRunner

Protocol & Technologies
Performance Monitoring
Microsoft perfmon
Linux/Unix SSH
Linux/Unix rstatd
Microsoft SQL Server
IBM WebSphere
iPlanet (NAS)
JBoss (RedHat)
Microsoft Active Server Pages
Microsoft ASP.NET
Oracle 9iAS
Microsoft IIS
SunOne (Sun + NetScape)
Built-In Integrations
Original software TestDrive
Perfecto Mobile

Same Day Technical Support

Your WebLOAD support begins with tier 2 support. If our tier 3 support can’t help you, we will immediately pass you onto R&D.

You don’t need to be on the S&P 500 to get our full and undivided attention.

Here's what some of our customers say about our technical support:

"RadView’s support makes me feel like I’m their only customer – they are always there when I need them."

- Andras Vermes,
Manager of Quality & Release Services

"I have been and continue to be impressed with the level of expertise and responsiveness of the WebLOAD support staff."

- Steve Stonebraker,
Director of IT

"Support response is ultimate. If you have any problem, they are always available."

- Sandeep Pokala,
Performance Engineer

"They're very responsive and willing to work extra hours. They taught us how to implement it and to figure out and negotiate AWS."

– Kelly Baran,
Director of Administrative Services

"They are the best of all of the vendors I deal with, hands down. They are there when we need them. I couldn’t ask for anything more."

– Troy Marshall,
Senior Manager, Software Test Engineering

"It's excellent. I ran in to one issue where I didn’t understand something in the script. They gave me an immediate answer and I was very happy, worked like a charm."

– John Roberts,
Director, Test Engineering

Migrating is Easier Than You Think

Many of our customers have come to WebLOAD from LoadRunner and experience performance testers find the learning curve quite easy with a very similar IDE methodology.

Our customers have switched dozens of their existing LoadRunner tests within a few weeks. Finally, our onboarding process helps you transition your LoadRunner scripts to WebLOAD with training and optional expert consulting.

Experience the WebLOAD Difference

Test drive WebLOAD and experience the difference for yourself.