HTML5 & Web 2.0

Modern web applications use advanced client side technologies that dynamically generate content in response to a variety of factors such as user name, date and location.

They offer a range of responses to user actions in the client. Last but not least, in the world of mobile devices and endless form factors, they adapt their display to the device type. In order to put your application to the test under the full range of conditions and variables, you need a load testing solution that was designed for HTML5 and other advanced web technologies.

WebLOAD for HTML5 and Advanced Web Technologies

WebLOAD was built from the ground up to test web applications and supports Web 2.0 and beyond. The WebLOAD solution features:

  • A powerful solution for test creation and test execution including off the shelf support for HTML5, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and JSON.
  • Automatic correlation of the large number of dynamic values that characterize advanced web applications..
  • Convenient support for adding parameters and standard or custom validation logic.
  • Support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Since WebLOAD scripts are generated in JavaScript, it is easy to manipulate JSON messages just like a browser.
  • Automatic recording of small AJAX packets including all data types and formats: XML, JSON, text and binary
  • Support for multiple concurrent threads.
  • Powerful server monitoring , analytics and reporting for leading servers, to enable rapid bottleneck detection.