eBay Case Study
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eBay load tests SAP Business Objects to achieve 50% performance gains

About eBay

An American multinational corporation and e-commerce company, eBay provides consumer-to-consumer sales services via the Internet. With nearly 100 million active users, eBay’s core marketplace site hosts millions of retail and wholesale transactions in some 30 countries every day.

Performance testing SAP Business Objects

Due to complaints regarding system performance from multiple locations, eBay’s Global Enterprise Technology team wanted to run performance benchmark testing on the SAP Business Objects tool. Testing also had to address a new distributed architecture with load balancing that had to be validated. Having tried a standard load testing solution and finding that it couldn’t record/replay SAP effectively, the team searched for a solution that supported all relevant SAP modules out of the box.

Achieving a 52% performance gain

The testing team used RadView’s WebLOAD to perform the load and stress testing. Using load generators and monitors from several locations in North America and Europe, the team was able to check the performance and response time for different eBay user groups.

Following the test results and errors detected, enhancements were made to the overall system and architecture, which were stabilized and optimized to carry the expected user load.

With the help of additional hardware put in place, WebLOAD showed a performance gain of 52% on average. Benchmarks were created, and regression tests are now being performed periodically.