.NET Load Testing

Push your .NET application to the limit…before your users do

Load testing .NET applications can be a challenge. They use a large number of dynamic values that must be replaced in order to assure reliable test replay. And they are prone to a unique set of bottleneck conditions that you need to identify as soon as possible. Testing .NET applications effectively requires a combination of technology and experience.

WebLOAD for .NET Applications

WebLOAD offers a comprehensive solution for performance testing .NET applications that on the one hand, makes it easier to create test scripts and on the other hand, provides deep server-side analytics. The WebLOAD solution features:

  • A complete solution for test creation and test execution including built-in support for recording .NET applications.
  • Predefined correlation rules for commonly used fields such as VIEWSTATE, EVENTVALIDATION, etc. make it easy to convert dynamic values to parameters in test scripts.
  • Server monitoring for Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Active Server Pages and of Windows servers.
  • Specialized reporting and analytics designed to identify known issues with .NET, for example: too much time spent in garbage collection, high contention rate for locks, high request wait time in queue, etc.