DevOps and CI/CD integration

Performance testing is an integral part of DevOps.
The more changes that are made while trying to Isolate the root cause, it becomes more challenging, and any attempt to fix can trigger a chain reaction of additional QA cycles.

When performance Testing is integrated well in the DevOps, it will keep up with the entire release schedule.


Finding the problem within the release cycle

WebLOAD enables organizations to automate performance testing and smoothly incorporate it into their Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes for faster and more efficient software deployment.

With WebLOAD, Developers, QA groups and DevOps personnel can Incorporate performance testing into DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI) flow, using:

  • WebLOAD’s Jenkins integration – Orchestrate automatic tests against every build in the pipeline and implement automated decisions from within Jenkins, based on the results of your load test.
  • WebLOAD’s Git integration – Manage tests as part of the code. change tests, check-out and test them as part of the pipeline.
  • Open API – Analyze the results via the automation code.
  • Enable ChatOps and Collaboration between peers by integrating with popular tools, as Slack, HipChat, etc. Collaborate and share performance test results via a web Dashboard



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