bswift Case Study
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bswift validates healthcare platform under peak load

About bswift

Based in Chicago, bswift offers software and services that streamline benefits, HR and payroll administration for employers and exchanges nationwide.

bswift’s cloud-based platform reduces administrative costs and time-consuming paperwork, making life easier for administrators and consumers. Today, bswift has millions of customers using its ASP.NET driven website system to enroll their benefits.

Ensuring Marketplace Performance

Bswift’s primary testing goals was achieving %100 assurance that their infrastructure would perform under peak load.

Identifying Bottlenecks

“Prior to switching to WebLOAD, we were using JMeter”, says Steve Stonebraker, Performance Optimization Engineer.

By switching to WebLOAD, the performance testing team could efficiently utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) to spin up load generators on demand from different geographic locations. “This enabled us to have traffic diversity and freed us from maintaining a complex mix of company owned servers dedicated to load testing.”

With WebLOAD in place, bswift discovered various bottlenecks – both hardware and software – as they continually upgraded their environment. “We learned that specific virtual appliances needed additional resources or licenses and the limits of our various servers.”

Support was another driver. “I have been and continue to be impressed with the level of expertise and responsiveness of the WebLOAD support staff. Whenever we encountered issues, the support team ensured that my load test goals were met.”