It’s not only about how fast you go, it’s also about getting to the finish line

Published by RadView on October 31, 2018


Who hasn’t done puzzle’s like this when they were young, bringing the mouse to the cheese, the bone to the dog or the racing car to the correct finish line.

If you start too fast, without paying attention to the path, you might find yourself in the cat’s mouth…

It’s the same with load testing!

Speed is important in load testing, but correct load testing is all about choosing the correct path, making sure you get to the finish line.


When choosing the “Wrong path”, you use a faulty script, receive the wrong analysis and are sure everything is OK, happily, with confidence, going on live only to find your application crashed!


When choosing the “Long path”, you use a faulty script, receive an accurate analysis, understanding that your script isn’t correct, and starting all over again from the beginning, until you use the correct script that will bring you to the correct result… wasting lots of time…

right path

When choosing the “Right path”, you use a correct script, receive an accurate analysis, quickly understanding and fixing any performance issues and happily go live, performing good and making sure your customers stay happy.

In Load testing, it’s all about how quickly  you get reliable results.

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