Entry #01 – I decided to write a diary.

Published by RadView on March 27, 2019

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Entry #01 – I decided to write a diary.

With all the mindfulness and coaching books going around, I decided to go back and do what was done in ancient times – write a diary, about my life as a tester.

My name is Samuel Smith. Yes, just like Bruce Banner, Matt Murdock, Peter Parker and many other super heroes’ that their first name and last name starts with the same letter. I really don’t know what my parents’ thought is waiting for me in my future…

So, I’m a software engineer, and I do load testing and performance testing for a big company, that has to cope with lots of people that are somehow interested in what they have to say, but mostly, in what they must sell, and if it’s cheaper, its better…

So, performance testing is all about doing it fast, great, amazing and all the other superlatives around it, but it’s much more than that, its daily work, with its ups and downs. When its ups, you don’t hear about it, but when its downs, you do…


Let’s see if I’ll get to entry #2


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