WebLOAD Dashboard

Dramatically shortening the distance from load testing to performance insights, the WebLOAD Dashboard is a key component of WebLOAD Cloud, which is available for deployment in public and private clouds as well as on-premises.

Using ready-made and self-configured dashboards, you can quickly analyze test results from any web browser and easily share your findings with all relevant teams.


Analyzing Test Results

A set of pre-defined dashboards lets you efficiently analyze the results of test runs. You can view results dynamically while a test session is running, compare multiple sessions on the same graph, drill down, and create snapshots to be viewed anytime by other team members.

The Main Dashboard provides a high-level view of test results, including failure counters, failures and errors over time, and other useful measurements.



Transactions details dashboard lets you view the performance of transactions throughout the session as well as success/failure over time.



The Log dashboard lets you correlate log events with the timeline progress of the session.


Customizing Your Dashboards

Easily define your own dashboards with the exact metrics, graphs, and layout you need. A template dashboard provides step-by-step instruction, guiding you through the configuration process.


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