Mobile Load Testing

Load Testing With WebLOAD

In this 4 minute video, RadView CTO Yam Shal-Bar demonstrates how to use WebLOAD to test mobile devices.

Creating Mobile Load Tests

WebLOAD provides several ways to load test your system with mobile device usage. You can create mobile test scripts by:

  • Recording native mobile apps or browser-based apps directly from the mobile handset
  • Recording from a desktop browser, simulating the mobile browser
  • Record a desktop script and modify the settings to simulate a mobile browser

No matter how you create the scripts, you can edit them just like any other test in the WebLOAD editor to add parameters, validation and logic.


Executing Mobile Load Tests

During test execution, you can simulate realistic test scenarios by selecting a variety of different browsers, devices and capabilities. We recommend that you mix browser types and connection speeds in the same run in order to better simulate mobile environment.


Mobile Load Testing with a Real Mobile Device

WebLOAD integrates with PerfectoMobile, allowing you to measure the actual experience on a real mobile device while generating load on your system.  You can:

  • Test the user experience using different mobile devices and networks
  • View combined statistics of both backend load and real mobile device
  • Execute PerfectoMobile test scripts from within WebLOAD

Learn more about integrating real devices into your mobile performance testing.