WebLOAD Dashboard

The WebLOAD Dashboard lets you view and analyze load sessions from any web browser while collaborating with multiple team members and sharing data. You can:

  • View dynamic results while a session is running
  • Compare multiple sessions by viewing side-by-side data on the same graph
  • Use pre-defined dashboards for quick, top-level analysis
  • Customize your own dashboards
  • Manage access rights for different users and groups


Predefined Dashboards

Main Dashboard – Provides a high-level view of test results, with failure counters, failures and errors over time, and other measurements over time such as page time, hit time, etc.


Transactions details. Lets you view the performance of transactions throughout the session as well as the success/failure over time.


Log dashboard. Lets you correlate log events with the timeline progress of the session.


Create Your Own Dashboards

Easily create customized dashboards with the exact metrics, graphs and layout that fit your needs. A skeleton dashboard provides step-by-step instruction to guide you through the process.




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