Automatic Correlation Engine

WebLOAD’s correlation engine identifies and replaces dynamic values which are unique for each run of the script such as session IDs, time, and many others, and replaces them automatically.

WebLOAD’s correlation is unique in that it correctly identifies a very wide number of dynamic values (within URLs, headers, cookies, etc.) with a small number of errors. While other load testing tools may generate over 1000 lines of code script with correlation parameters, requiring lengthy manual adjustments, WebLOAD will generate a dozen blocks of codes that can be fine tuned in minutes.

How it Works

The Correlation engine handles both server-side (such as session id) and client-side (time, date) dynamic values and replaces them automatically.

You can use WebLOAD’s pre-defined rules as well as have the engine learn your application to construct new rules to be used in the future. For more complex scenarios, you can use JavaScript to define your own custom correlation rules, using regular expressions or any other logic.

Load test correlation

Once results are displayed you point out the correct values vs. the ones that should be ignored. This is then automatically applied to future runs, so that no manual editing is needed.


Dynamic correlation