Testing with a Purpose: Powerful Analytics

While generating a reliable load test is important, the real payoff for testing is the ability to identify and eliminate performance issues before they impact users.
WebLOAD features the industry’s most advanced load testing analytics, allowing developers and performance engineers to pinpoint performance bottlenecks with high level of accuracy and confidence.

WebLOAD enables users to:


  • View real-time result of tests as they are running
  • Compare multiple session results
  • Create dashboards with custom metrics, graphs, and layouts
  • Correlate WebLOAD transactions with server-side events

Immediate actionable insights

WebLOAD helps you identify performance bottlenecks in your system with extensive, real-time performance analytics and over 80 out-of-the-box reports and graphs that let you drill down at any angle and granular level to pinpoint problems.

Immediate actionable insights

WebLOAD Dashboard

WebLOAD allows you to customize and configure your reports to match your specific requirements. You can choose from a variety of templates, modify the design, apply filters and select the metrics to deliver the information you need to all stakeholders.

A set of predefined best practices dashboards gets you up and running with powerful reports and graphs. You can view results dynamically while a test session is running, compare multiple sessions on the same graph, and share  all this information with team members and colleagues.


Drill down with APM and monitoring systems tools

Use WebLOAD’s built-in integration with Application Performance Management (APM) tools and take root cause analysis one step further.
Once you have identified a performance issue using WebLOAD, you can easily correlate the WebLOAD transaction to the server-side event in your APM tool.
WebLOAD provides built-in integration with Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, Nagios and other APM tools.